Best Paid Survey Sites

Best Paid Survey Sites – Get paid to take surveys by joining free online paid survey sites that pay cash.

Paid Surveys are an easy way for anyone to make extra money online working from home. You can get paid for your opinion. It’s fun and easy to do.

You get to tell the manufacturer and companies who create products and services that you use in your daily life, what you think of their products and services. They then use this information to improve the quality of their products and service, or perhaps come up with new products.

How Do Online Surveys Work?

Obviously, it would cost a lot of time and money if each company had to go out, find people who would want to participate in surveys and then conduct the actual surveys, that is why they pay market research companies to do it for them.

Online surveys, just like most other surveys and consumer research studies are conducted by these market research companies who have a especial branch just for conducting these surveys.

These especial branches are basically paid survey sites that go out and attract people who want to becomes part of their panel. They of course have to pay people to participate in their surveys. “These people”, are you and I, the normal average consumer who use the products and services that these manufacturers and companies make and are trying to improve.

Getting Paid For Taking Surveys

In order to participate in paid surveys, first you have to register with some of these paid survey site. They are all free to join. After joining, you fill out your profile.

What you put in your profile determines what kind of surveys you become eligible to participate in. Then, you will have a chance to take part in available surveys, and be rewarded for your opinion.

Each time there is a new survey available, you will receive an email from the survey company with a link that will take you to the survey page or you can login to your account and partake in it if you are eligible.

Almost all survey sites will tell you how much a particular survey will pay and approximately how long it will take to complete the survey. Of course, you are in control, you can choose to fill out the surveys or you can simply ignore it.

Each survey company has its own rules when it comes to paying you. Some require you to have a minimum amount of earnings (say $5 or $10) before you can be paid and some don’t.

Although most surveys sites pay via PayPal, there are some who pay via check as well and then there are some that will give you different options when it comes to getting paid, like you can redeem your earnings for gift certificates from a variety of stores.

Most survey sites pay cash for every survey you take, but a few give you entries to win their sweepstakes that can be anywhere from $5000 to $25000 and more.

How Much Money Can You Make Taking Surveys?

If you are looking to make money taking surveys, then you should have a realistic earning expectations. Most surveys take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Although there are some that take even longer. The longer the survey is, the bigger rewards you get. You can expect to get paid around $3 for an average survey of 15 minutes and up to $70 and more for a survey that takes an hour or so.

Each survey company may send 3-4 surveys a week on average, so the trick is to register with as many surveys sites as you can, so you can get invited to more surveys, thus increasing your chance of earning more money.

Now, if I were to give you numbers, I would say on average, a person who spends about 10 hours a week taking surveys, could make within $100 to $150, which comes down to about 30-40 surveys averaging $3 per.

Paid Survey Scam

Unfortunately, like all other online money making opportunities, there are also scams involved in this industry. Scammers simply ask you to join the survey panel and promise you with all kinds of rewards and cash, but in reality, when its time for you to get paid, they simply ignore you!

It is really sad that scammers are scamming people anywhere they can. I really hope you never fall victim to survey scams. Always remember, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!

Legitimate Paid Survey Sites that Pay Cash

Sadly, as mentioned above, there are many paid surveys scams out there and it is not always easy to find legitimate paid survey sites. That’s why, BestFreePaidOnlineSurveys was created to make it easy for everyone to find and register with legitimate and paying online survey sites.

All the sites listed here are 100% legitimate and trusted paid survey sites and have been rewarding their members for years for voicing their opinions.

Tips to Make More Money taking Paid Surveys

  • Get a new email address from Hotmail, Yahoo or whoever else just for taking surveys. That way you can have all your account info in one email, you wont get cluttered with emails and you can access all available surveys from one email.
  • Register with at least 10 or so sites to increase your money making potential.
  • Lots of times, research companies will have opportunities where they will send you sample size products (shampoo, gum, perfume and so on) to use for a few weeks and take an online survey or fill out a mail questioner after the 2 weeks is over. If you get asked, accept those opportunities as you get paid handsomely for those studies. Plus, you get free stuff and sometimes you may even get new stuff that are not even in the market (that’s why they do this to get feedback to see if the product is ready to be lunched).
  • Make sure you always tell the truth when taking surveys, there are no right and wrong answers when it comes to these studies. And don’t forget, your results and answers will say anonymous.
  • If you come across a survey site that asks you to pay a fee in order to register with them, run away from it, its a scam!
  • No legitimate survey companies will charge you a fee to join their panel, ever!

I have been making extra money with surveys for a long time now and I truly believe it’s a great way for people who have some free time to make extra money.

Now, to be honest, unlike what many survey sites want you to believe, you will not get rich by filling out simple online surveys. In fact, most people won’t even be able to quite their day job and rely on paid surveys as a source of income.

All that said, you can make some decent amount of money filling out surveys if you put some time and effort into it. So, what are you waiting for? Register with some or all of the paid surveys sites featured on this site and get paid to take surveys.

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